January · the project

For those who would like to play along at home

Only 17 days to go….

We’ve had some feedback about the site so far, all of which has been positive, thank you, and a fair few people have signed up for our updates which is very exciting (hopefully you’ve been updated with this post lovely people) .

Anyone who would like to sign up to receive our monthly stories direct to your inbox can do so over there somewhere >>>>>>

Go on, you know it sounds fun.

Anyway, the biggest request we’ve had from readers is that you’d like to know the prompts our writers are working to, so you can write along with us, or try and guess where we might take our stories.

So, from now on we’ll give you a week to get started with reading this month’s selection of stories, and then we shall let you know what kind of thing might be coming next.

That means you’ll be a little behind the prompted tales writers, but you’ll also have a chance to read this month’s stories before you get caught up with next month’s prompt.



January’s prompt is just one word, keeping it simple for the first challenge:


Join in if you like and let us know how you get on.


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