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Lost Boy

by Rupi Lal

DEAR Diary,

Well today was the day… The day Year 6 at West Brom Primary auditioned for our school panto; Peter Pan.

I had to sing, I had dance, I had to act and I did it all. And I was bloody brilliant but, did I get the main part? The lead? The boy who will never grow old… The leader of the lost boys. Did I get that role? No. No, I did not.

Stupid Mr Jacobs had to give it to his favourite didn’t he… Stupid Steven Timmins… “Oh aren’t you so good Steven? Aren’t you so brilliant? Aren’t you just the best Peter Pan I’ve ever seen?!”

Well, no actually, no he is not. I am. I’m the one who is better and I should have been the lead part in the panto not some meaningless “Lost Boy 2”. I don’t even have a name! “Lost Boy 2”, ME? I should be Peter friggin Pan! Stupid Mr Jacobs.

Told Dad what happened and he couldn’t believe it; said he wanted to kick Mr Jacobs in his Jacobs, whatever that means… Mum was okay with it but Naniji said Mr Jacobs is a racist. Said he didn’t give it to me as we’re Indian. She said, “Listen Aaron; this isn’t the Jungle Book and you’re not Mowgli… This is Peter Pan and they want a gora!” Mum disagreed but it got me thinking…

What if Peter Pan was Indian? What if he was Gujurati like me? What if Captain Hook was a turban wearing Punjabi? What if the lost boys did bhangra dancing and what if the panto was a live action Bollywood film? Now that would be something… Imagine that! Bet then I wouldn’t some Lost Boy…

No, then I would be the best Peter Pan ever, in fact, I’d be the first ever Peter Pan Patel!

©Rupi Lal 2016


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