April · blossom · William's stories


By William Gallagher

19091 Mews Boulevard

Los Angeles




It’s a lovely invitation but I’m afraid I have to work. We’re just coming to the year end and the bank has asked me to postpone my holiday. Of course I’d rather come to you and I do know I’ve put off visiting for quite some time now. It’s important, though. The last supervisor we had simply would not understand the difference betwWilliam.JPGeen outbound and outgoing correspondence. You can imagine the havoc that causes.

So it’s a good thing that they’ve recognised this and I am flattered that they asked me to train the new girl. Of course who else has been here as long as I? We’ve lost so many people over the years and management just will not see that experience matters. You can’t get it back, either. They might save money now hiring young ones out of school but in the long run, it costs them more.

Still, my team leader says if this training goes well, I might get my own tambour unit and come off the hot desking rota. I have no hopes that this Ms E Piggott will last the month but so long as she lasts through my training, I’ll be happy.

Love to you and Pete: I’m sure the wedding will be brilliant.



That is superb news: congratulations. When will you know if it’s a boy or a girl?

I was just telling Emmy about your letter and she’s shown me how to get around the bank’s firewall or something so I can email you from here. She’s very naughty. Yesterday she deliberately swapped the inbound and incoming mail correspondence!

I haven’t laughed like this in 20 years here. I was right that she won’t last the month but I told her, she could. She really could: she’s so quick and clever. My team leader doesn’t like her so she’d have to change her attitude but she could do that. You cannot believe how much more interested Emmy is than our previous trainee supervisors. She asks so many questions. Half of them have nothing to do with mail handling at all but she says if you know the whole picture of how a bank works, you know the details too.

She’s got me interested again. I’m finally going to get my holiday and yesterday Emmy joked that we should do something together. Would you mind if we come to you? Or are you going to be too busy getting the house ready?


Do have to press anything? Can you hear me? No, you have to lift the receiver too. No, I know, no buttons or anything. You look great, Lisa. It’s so lovely to see you and thanks for coming. Nobody else has visited me at all, I’m rather enjoying the peace and quiet.

So you didn’t tell me: boy or girl? Lisa, it’s important! Emmy says she can picture me as a wicked aunt teaching your girl bad, bad ways. No, well, she can’t visit me, can she? But she’s going to write. Just as soon as she’s safe.

Yes, okay, no need to look at me like that. I’m glad she got away with it. The bank deserved it. And it’s not as if we hurt anyone. You should’ve seen their faces when police came in to get me. I do wonder how they knew it was me. I just think it’s lucky that Emmy was on a personal break.

Five years. A whole quarter of the years I was in the bank. It’ll pass in no time. No, I have some savings they haven’t confiscated. It’ll be enough to get me to Emmy and then she’ll figure something out for us, I know she will.

No, Lisa, really, I’m fine. I’m more than fine. I’m great. You should see how they treat me on the mail round here. I’m a celebrity. I told them the whole story about inbound and outgoing mail and you’ve never heard such laughing. They’re a great bunch here, I almost wish you could stay.

Worthington, Jess DW9971B

© William Gallagher 2016


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