100 words no more no less · July · Laura's stories

A Cop Out

By Laura Yates

ONCE upon a time there was young woman who needed to write a tale of one hundred words in length.

This story needed to have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Other than these restrictions, there were no restrictions, which, the young woman felt, was surprisingly restrictive.

After reminding herself that an important reason (although not the only reason) for writing this tale was not to shape something epic, fantastical or marvellous, but simply to make a deadline (like real, proper writers do), she promptly wrote the tale of a young woman, who needed to write one hundred words.

©Laura Yates 2016


One thought on “A Cop Out

  1. A late story

    Edward Upton’s death was timely. No-one had expected him to last this long but he had determination as did his son. Died 2nd March 1965 the death certificate read. Only two days after the death of his younger brother George but thanks to the terms of the tontine will Edward’s son would now inherit all of his grandfather’s estate and George’s son nothing. Any half-competent forensic pathologist would have noticed the marks were the body had lain in the refrigerator but no-one could blame Dr Jones. He was not a pathologist, just a happy family doctor, happy and well paid.


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