August · Damien's stories · waiting

The Absent Heart Grows Fond

By Damien McKeating


I AM waiting for you.

Will you come for me?

I am ready.

I am… ripe.

I have been watching you.

I think you know that.

I am in love with you. We will be so happy together.

I have watched you with your family. They do not appreciate you. Especially not that misshapen thing you have married. Were you forced to do it? Was it a marriage of convenience? I think it was.

I am a much better fit for you.

Imagine the things we can do to each other.

I am devoted. I know all of the things you enjoy. I have dedicated myself to discovering all there is about you.

You seem very organised. I am organised too. I know when you leave for work, where your children go to school and what time that ugly beast you married returns home.

Your house is very neat. I notice that your clothes are folded away and the ‘ugly, misshapen things’ clothes are not. Does that not speak volumes?

I like the smell of your bed. I knew which side was yours from the books; the mistake you share your bed with does not read.

I lay on your side of the mattress and masturbated while thinking about you. Imagine how much more beautiful it will be when we’re together.

Your children do not sleep soundly. Perhaps they have told you their nightmares about someone standing over their bed. I am sorry about that. You need your sleep. When we are together I must remember how poorly they sleep and try not to wake them.

Perhaps we will make better children together.

I was surprised to learn that the beast of burden you married has a severe nut allergy. Indeed, I checked thoroughly, and there was not a single nut based product in the house until I visited.

You must see how much better our lives will be together.

I am waiting for you.

Why do you not come for me? It is cruel. You are a vicious tease. You are manipulative. You play with my emotions and laugh about it with that lumpy thing that wears your ring.


No, forgive me, love.

I don’t mean it.

But I have been waiting so long.

I ache for you.

I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

You must come for me.

And soon.

Or I will come for you…

© Damien McKeating 2016



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