100 words no more no less · July · Liz's stories

Future Perfect

By Liz Parkes MAGELLAN addressed the Explorer’s Cyber Conference. He told of giants, monsters, wild seas and scorching suns. Columbus recounted forests touching the skies, shimmering birds, an amazing cacophony. Polo eulogised elegant buildings, spice scented air, sibilant tongues and butterfly people. Amundsen chilled when he spoke of blue-green seas, icebergs, breeching whales and a… Continue reading Future Perfect

100 words no more no less · Alex's stories · July

In the Beginning…

By Alex Townley DAY one: bickering, they created the heavens and the earth, originally upside down, until they stopped, created light and dark, and saw what they had done. Day two: they created a fresh start blue sky. Day three: they created continents. Things got frosty over Antarctica. Day four: feeling romantic, they created constellations, dabbing… Continue reading In the Beginning…

100 words no more no less · July · William's stories

Time’s Table

By William Gallagher 2016. “GOSH, it’s expensive,” said Amy. But you can’t put a price on sitting at this table spending a moment with someone from the past. Peter just didn’t understand. A voice murmured incantations over the table and there opposite her was… Amy. “Bummer,” said older Amy. “But listen. It’s July 23, 2035.… Continue reading Time’s Table